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2014-2015 NBA Basketball Rankings

Week 26: Sunday Apr 26, 2015

Rank Team Division Rating W L Prev Chng Pwr Off Def
1 Golden State Pacific1.798711511115
2 Houston Southwest1.1325926316417
3 Atlanta Southeast1.0656223214105
4 San Antonio Southwest1.038572851283
5 Memphis Southwest1.0335827617202
6 LA Clippers Pacific1.0105628423214
7 Cleveland Central0.844562975713
8 Dallas Southwest0.58650359110326
9 Chicago Central0.57653331019159
10 Portland Northwest0.5625134828912
11 Washington Southeast0.3804936143151611
12 Oklahoma City Northwest0.37145371211521
13 Toronto Atlantic0.326493611212624
14 New Orleans Southwest0.322454113114188
15 Utah Northwest0.03038441513271
16 Phoenix Pacific-0.0013943171191125
17 Milwaukee Central-0.0384244181172310
18 Boston Atlantic-0.0604045162181422
19 Brooklyn Atlantic-0.089394619222119
20 Indiana Central-0.11838442016246
21 Miami Southeast-0.20537452123267
22 Charlotte Southeast-0.46133492225284
23 Detroit Central-0.482325023201716
24 Denver Northwest-0.519305224211327
25 Sacramento Pacific-0.542295225241228
26 Orlando Southeast-0.915255726262523
27 LA Lakers Pacific-1.077216127271929
28 Philadelphia Atlantic-1.368186428292918
29 Minnesota Northwest-1.398166629282230
30 New York Atlantic-1.435176530303020


About the Rankings

  • NBA Basketball rankings are published on Sundays throughout regular and post season
  • Early season rankings (earlier than Week 8) may fluctuate significantly from week to week until an adequate number of games have been played
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