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2013-2014 NBA Basketball Rankings

Week 25: Sunday Apr 20, 2014

Rank Team Division Rating W L Prev Chng Pwr Off Def
1 San Antonio Southwest1.43362201174
2 Oklahoma City Northwest1.23160232359
3 LA Clippers Pacific1.066572632213
4 Houston Southwest0.926542844124
5 Portland Northwest0.919542856419
6 Golden State Pacific0.8035231825107
7 Indiana Central0.735562778262
8 Memphis Southwest0.720503310213283
9 Miami Southeast0.7105428637126
10 Dallas Southwest0.64349339110818
11 Phoenix Pacific0.5664834119622
12 Chicago Central0.43048341214301
13 Toronto Atlantic0.37648351312158
14 Brooklyn Atlantic0.215453814182210
15 Washington Southeast0.1554438161151612
16 Charlotte Southeast0.151433917116235
17 Minnesota Northwest0.107404215211325
18 Denver Northwest-0.10036461820928
19 Atlanta Southeast-0.109394419171420
20 New York Atlantic-0.1783745211192011
21 New Orleans Southwest-0.2103448201211816
22 Cleveland Central-0.462334922232117
23 Sacramento Pacific-0.565285423221721
24 LA Lakers Pacific-0.6302755251261129
25 Detroit Central-0.7452953241241327
26 Utah Northwest-0.781255726282914
27 Boston Atlantic-1.000255727252515
28 Orlando Southeast-1.084235928272423
29 Philadelphia Atlantic-1.348196329301930
30 Milwaukee Central-1.606156730292726


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