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Team Summary




Next game: vs Atlanta, Mon Jul 15

Prestige Good
Overall 84 B
Power 77 C+
Offensive 79 C+
Defensive 75 C
Schedule (Current) 77 C+
Schedule (Future) 91 A-
Schedule (Current)17
Schedule (Future)7
Overall48-45 (51.6%)
Versus Top 56-8 (42.9%)
Versus > .500 Teams21-22 (48.8%)
Versus < .500 Teams27-23 (54%)
Last 10 Games4-6 (40%)
Best Win#1 LA Dodgers
Worst Loss#26 Miami
Largest MOV8 points, #20 Philadelphia
Largest MOD16 points, #26 Miami
Other Statistics
Points per Game4.8
Points Against5
Opponent Record4290-4202
Average Opponent Rank15.5
Long StreakW 7
Current StreakW 1

2-Year Trend Analysis

NL Central
8Chi Cubs49432
19St. Louis45454
Milwaukee Ranking History
0Mar 26500
1Mar 31521
2Apr 77722
3Apr 1421055
4Apr 212139
5Apr 28315131
6May 5519162
7May 12224173
8May 19527213
9May 26629241
10Jun 2433262
11Jun 9337281
12Jun 16439311
13Jun 23741363
14Jun 30944392
15Jul 71047431
16Jul 141248452
Game Results
Thu Mar 28vs St. Louis (45-45)W 5-4
Fri Mar 29vs St. Louis (45-45)L 5-9
Sat Mar 30vs St. Louis (45-45)W 4-2
Sun Mar 31vs St. Louis (45-45)W 5-4
Mon Apr 1at Cincinnati (42-47)W 4-3
Tue Apr 2at Cincinnati (42-47)W 4-3
Wed Apr 3at Cincinnati (42-47)W 1-0
Fri Apr 5vs Chi Cubs (49-43)W 13-10
Sat Apr 6vs Chi Cubs (49-43)L 8-14
Sun Apr 7vs Chi Cubs (49-43)W 4-2
Mon Apr 8at LA Angels (47-46)L 2-5
Tue Apr 9at LA Angels (47-46)L 8-11
Wed Apr 10at LA Angels (47-46)L 2-4
Fri Apr 12at (1) LA Dodgers (61-33)W 8-5
Sat Apr 13at (1) LA Dodgers (61-33)W 4-1
Sun Apr 14at (1) LA Dodgers (61-33)L 1-7
Mon Apr 15vs St. Louis (45-45)W 10-7
Tue Apr 16vs St. Louis (45-45)W 8-4
Wed Apr 17vs St. Louis (45-45)L 3-6
Thu Apr 18vs (1) LA Dodgers (61-33)L 1-3
Fri Apr 19vs (1) LA Dodgers (61-33)L 3-5
Sat Apr 20vs (1) LA Dodgers (61-33)W 5-0
Sun Apr 21vs (1) LA Dodgers (61-33)L 5-6
Mon Apr 22at St. Louis (45-45)L 5-13
Tue Apr 23at St. Louis (45-45)L 3-4
Wed Apr 24at St. Louis (45-45)L 2-5
Fri Apr 26at NY Mets (41-51)W 10-2
Sat Apr 27at NY Mets (41-51)W 8-6
Sun Apr 28at NY Mets (41-51)L 2-5
Mon Apr 29vs Colorado (45-46)W 5-1
Tue Apr 30vs Colorado (45-46)W 4-3
Wed May 1vs Colorado (45-46)L 4-11
Thu May 2vs Colorado (45-46)L 6-11
Fri May 3vs NY Mets (41-51)W 3-1
Sat May 4vs NY Mets (41-51)W 4-3
Sun May 5vs NY Mets (41-51)W 3-2
Mon May 6vs Washington (49-42)W 5-3
Tue May 7vs Washington (49-42)W 6-0
Wed May 8vs Washington (49-42)W 7-3
Fri May 10at Chi Cubs (49-43)W 7-0
Sat May 11at Chi Cubs (49-43)L 1-2
Sun May 12at Chi Cubs (49-43)L 1-4
Mon May 13at Philadelphia (47-45)L 4-7
Tue May 14at Philadelphia (47-45)W 6-1
Wed May 15at Philadelphia (47-45)W 5-2
Thu May 16at Philadelphia (47-45)W 11-3
Fri May 17at (4) Atlanta (56-37)L 8-12
Sat May 18at (4) Atlanta (56-37)L 3-4
Sun May 19at (4) Atlanta (56-37)W 3-2
Tue May 21vs Cincinnati (42-47)L 0-3
Wed May 22vs Cincinnati (42-47)W 11-9
Fri May 24vs Philadelphia (47-45)L 4-6
Sat May 25vs Philadelphia (47-45)L 2-7
Sun May 26vs Philadelphia (47-45)W 9-1
Mon May 27at (5) Minnesota (58-33)W 5-4
Tue May 28at (5) Minnesota (58-33)L 3-5
Thu May 30at Pittsburgh (44-47)W 11-5
Fri May 31at Pittsburgh (44-47)L 4-9
Sat Jun 1at Pittsburgh (44-47)W 12-10
Sun Jun 2at Pittsburgh (44-47)W 4-2
Tue Jun 4vs Miami (34-56)L 0-16
Wed Jun 5vs Miami (34-56)L 3-8
Thu Jun 6vs Miami (34-56)W 5-1
Fri Jun 7vs Pittsburgh (44-47)W 10-4
Sat Jun 8vs Pittsburgh (44-47)W 5-3
Sun Jun 9vs Pittsburgh (44-47)W 5-2
Tue Jun 11at (2) Houston (58-35)L 8-10
Wed Jun 12at (2) Houston (58-35)W 6-3
Fri Jun 14at San Francisco (42-49)L 3-5
Sat Jun 15at San Francisco (42-49)L 7-8
Sun Jun 16at San Francisco (42-49)W 5-3
Mon Jun 17at San Diego (45-47)L 0-2
Tue Jun 18at San Diego (45-47)L 1-4
Wed Jun 19at San Diego (45-47)L 7-8
Thu Jun 20vs Cincinnati (42-47)L 1-7
Fri Jun 21vs Cincinnati (42-47)L 7-11
Sat Jun 22vs Cincinnati (42-47)W 6-5
Sun Jun 23vs Cincinnati (42-47)W 7-5
Tue Jun 25vs Seattle (37-57)L 3-8
Wed Jun 26vs Seattle (37-57)L 2-4
Thu Jun 27vs Seattle (37-57)W 4-2
Fri Jun 28vs Pittsburgh (44-47)L 2-3
Sat Jun 29vs Pittsburgh (44-47)W 3-1
Sun Jun 30vs Pittsburgh (44-47)W 2-1
Mon Jul 1at Cincinnati (42-47)W 8-6
Tue Jul 2at Cincinnati (42-47)L 4-5
Wed Jul 3at Cincinnati (42-47)L 0-3
Thu Jul 4at Cincinnati (42-47)L 0-1
Fri Jul 5at Pittsburgh (44-47)W 7-6
Sat Jul 6at Pittsburgh (44-47)L 2-12
Sun Jul 7at Pittsburgh (44-47)L 5-6
Fri Jul 12vs San Francisco (42-49)L 7-10
Sat Jul 13vs San Francisco (42-49)W 5-4

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