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Team Summary




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Prestige Marginal
Overall 72 C-
Power 72 C-
Offensive 79 C+
Defensive 71 C-
Schedule (Current) 61 D-
Schedule (Future) 61 D-
Schedule (Current)29
Schedule (Future)29
Overall78-84 (48.1%)
Versus Top 510-23 (30.3%)
Versus > .500 Teams29-47 (38.2%)
Versus < .500 Teams49-37 (57%)
Last 10 Games7-3 (70%)
Best Win#1 Boston
Worst Loss#30 Baltimore
Largest MOV9 points, #30 Baltimore
Largest MOD14 points, #24 Texas
Other Statistics
Points per Game4.6
Points Against4.8
Opponent Record12764-13786
Average Opponent Rank17.9
Long StreakL 8
Current StreakW 6

2-Year Trend Analysis

AL Central
28Chi White Sox62100
29Kansas City58104
Minnesota Ranking History
0Mar 29800
1Apr 19111
2Apr 86433
3Apr 155741
4Apr 22198714
5Apr 29259136
6May 6251217
7May 132217183
8May 202518233
9May 272321262
10Jun 3232430
11Jun 102527342
12Jun 172331362
13Jun 242133402
14Jul 12435443
15Jul 82538481
16Jul 15254350
17Jul 22254452
18Jul 292448551
19Aug 52351581
20Aug 122454621
21Aug 192258642
22Aug 262461682
23Sep 22363721
24Sep 92464771
25Sep 16246781
26Sep 23247183
27Sep 302177843
28Oct 7217884
29Oct 14217884
30Oct 21217884
31Oct 28217884
32Oct 30217884
Game Results
Thu Mar 29at Baltimore (47-115)L 2-3
Sat Mar 31at Baltimore (47-115)W 6-2
Sun Apr 1at Baltimore (47-115)W 7-0
Mon Apr 2at Pittsburgh (82-79)L 4-5
Wed Apr 4at Pittsburgh (82-79)W 7-3
Thu Apr 5vs Seattle (89-73)W 4-2
Sat Apr 7vs Seattle (89-73)L 4-11
Mon Apr 9vs (2) Houston (107-63)L 0-2
Tue Apr 10vs (2) Houston (107-63)W 4-1
Wed Apr 11vs (2) Houston (107-63)W 9-8
Thu Apr 12vs Chi White Sox (62-100)W 4-0
Tue Apr 17vs Cleveland (91-74)L 1-6
Wed Apr 18vs Cleveland (91-74)W 2-1
Fri Apr 20at Tampa Bay (90-72)L 7-8
Sat Apr 21at Tampa Bay (90-72)L 1-10
Sun Apr 22at Tampa Bay (90-72)L 6-8
Mon Apr 23at (3) NY Yankees (102-64)L 1-14
Tue Apr 24at (3) NY Yankees (102-64)L 3-8
Wed Apr 25at (3) NY Yankees (102-64)L 4-7
Thu Apr 26at (3) NY Yankees (102-64)L 3-4
Fri Apr 27vs Cincinnati (67-95)L 9-15
Sat Apr 28vs Cincinnati (67-95)W 3-1
Sun Apr 29vs Cincinnati (67-95)L 2-8
Mon Apr 30vs Toronto (73-89)L 5-7
Tue May 1vs Toronto (73-89)L 4-7
Wed May 2vs Toronto (73-89)W 4-0
Thu May 3at Chi White Sox (62-100)L 5-6
Fri May 4at Chi White Sox (62-100)W 6-4
Sat May 5at Chi White Sox (62-100)W 8-4
Sun May 6at Chi White Sox (62-100)W 5-3
Mon May 7at St. Louis (88-74)W 6-0
Tue May 8at St. Louis (88-74)W 7-1
Thu May 10at LA Angels (80-82)L 4-7
Fri May 11at LA Angels (80-82)W 5-4
Sat May 12at LA Angels (80-82)W 5-3
Sun May 13at LA Angels (80-82)L 1-2
Mon May 14vs Seattle (89-73)L 0-1
Tue May 15vs St. Louis (88-74)W 4-1
Wed May 16vs St. Louis (88-74)L 5-7
Fri May 18vs (5) Milwaukee (102-71)L 3-8
Sat May 19vs (5) Milwaukee (102-71)L 4-5
Sun May 20vs (5) Milwaukee (102-71)W 3-1
Mon May 21vs Detroit (64-98)W 4-2
Tue May 22vs Detroit (64-98)W 6-0
Wed May 23vs Detroit (64-98)L 1-4
Fri May 25at Seattle (89-73)L 1-2
Sat May 26at Seattle (89-73)L 3-4
Sun May 27at Seattle (89-73)L 1-3
Mon May 28at Kansas City (58-104)W 8-5
Tue May 29at Kansas City (58-104)L 1-2
Wed May 30at Kansas City (58-104)L 8-11
Thu May 31vs Cleveland (91-74)L 8-9
Fri Jun 1vs Cleveland (91-74)W 7-4
Sat Jun 2vs Cleveland (91-74)W 7-1
Sun Jun 3vs Cleveland (91-74)W 7-5
Tue Jun 5vs Chi White Sox (62-100)W 4-2
Tue Jun 5vs Chi White Sox (62-100)L 3-6
Wed Jun 6vs Chi White Sox (62-100)L 2-5
Thu Jun 7vs Chi White Sox (62-100)W 7-2
Fri Jun 8vs LA Angels (80-82)L 2-4
Sat Jun 9vs LA Angels (80-82)L 1-2
Sun Jun 10vs LA Angels (80-82)W 7-5
Tue Jun 12at Detroit (64-98)W 6-4
Wed Jun 13at Detroit (64-98)L 2-5
Thu Jun 14at Detroit (64-98)L 1-3
Fri Jun 15at Cleveland (91-74)W 6-3
Sat Jun 16at Cleveland (91-74)W 9-3
Sun Jun 17at Cleveland (91-74)L 1-4
Tue Jun 19vs (1) Boston (119-57)W 6-2
Wed Jun 20vs (1) Boston (119-57)W 4-1
Thu Jun 21vs (1) Boston (119-57)L 2-9
Fri Jun 22vs Texas (67-95)L 1-8
Sat Jun 23vs Texas (67-95)L 6-9
Sun Jun 24vs Texas (67-95)W 2-0
Tue Jun 26at Chi White Sox (62-100)L 4-8
Wed Jun 27at Chi White Sox (62-100)L 1-6
Thu Jun 28at Chi White Sox (62-100)W 2-1
Fri Jun 29at Chi Cubs (95-69)L 6-10
Sat Jun 30at Chi Cubs (95-69)L 9-14
Sun Jul 1at Chi Cubs (95-69)L 10-11
Mon Jul 2at (5) Milwaukee (102-71)L 5-6
Tue Jul 3at (5) Milwaukee (102-71)L 0-2
Wed Jul 4at (5) Milwaukee (102-71)L 2-3
Thu Jul 5vs Baltimore (47-115)W 5-2
Fri Jul 6vs Baltimore (47-115)W 6-2
Sat Jul 7vs Baltimore (47-115)W 5-4
Sun Jul 8vs Baltimore (47-115)W 10-1
Mon Jul 9vs Kansas City (58-104)W 3-1
Tue Jul 10vs Kansas City (58-104)L 4-9
Wed Jul 11vs Kansas City (58-104)W 8-5
Thu Jul 12vs Tampa Bay (90-72)W 5-1
Fri Jul 13vs Tampa Bay (90-72)W 11-8
Sat Jul 14vs Tampa Bay (90-72)L 6-19
Sun Jul 15vs Tampa Bay (90-72)W 11-7
Fri Jul 20at Kansas City (58-104)L 5-6
Sat Jul 21at Kansas City (58-104)L 2-4
Sun Jul 22at Kansas City (58-104)L 3-5
Mon Jul 23at Toronto (73-89)W 8-3
Tue Jul 24at Toronto (73-89)W 5-0
Wed Jul 25at Toronto (73-89)W 12-6
Thu Jul 26at (1) Boston (119-57)W 2-1
Fri Jul 27at (1) Boston (119-57)L 3-4
Sat Jul 28at (1) Boston (119-57)L 4-10
Sun Jul 29at (1) Boston (119-57)L 0-3
Mon Jul 30vs Cleveland (91-74)W 5-4
Tue Jul 31vs Cleveland (91-74)L 2-6
Wed Aug 1vs Cleveland (91-74)L 0-2
Fri Aug 3vs Kansas City (58-104)W 6-4
Sat Aug 4vs Kansas City (58-104)W 8-2
Sun Aug 5vs Kansas City (58-104)W 6-5
Mon Aug 6at Cleveland (91-74)L 0-10
Tue Aug 7at Cleveland (91-74)W 3-2
Wed Aug 8at Cleveland (91-74)L 2-5
Thu Aug 9at Cleveland (91-74)L 4-5
Fri Aug 10at Detroit (64-98)L 3-5
Sat Aug 11at Detroit (64-98)W 4-3
Sun Aug 12at Detroit (64-98)L 2-4
Tue Aug 14vs Pittsburgh (82-79)W 5-2
Wed Aug 15vs Pittsburgh (82-79)W 6-4
Thu Aug 16vs Detroit (64-98)W 15-8
Fri Aug 17vs Detroit (64-98)W 5-4
Sat Aug 18vs Detroit (64-98)L 5-7
Sun Aug 19vs Detroit (64-98)W 5-4
Mon Aug 20vs Chi White Sox (62-100)L 5-8
Tue Aug 21at Chi White Sox (62-100)W 5-2
Wed Aug 22at Chi White Sox (62-100)L 3-7
Thu Aug 23vs (4) Oakland (97-66)W 6-4
Fri Aug 24vs (4) Oakland (97-66)L 1-7
Sat Aug 25vs (4) Oakland (97-66)L 2-6
Sun Aug 26vs (4) Oakland (97-66)L 2-6
Tue Aug 28at Cleveland (91-74)L 1-8
Wed Aug 29at Cleveland (91-74)W 4-3
Thu Aug 30at Cleveland (91-74)L 3-5
Fri Aug 31at Texas (67-95)W 10-7
Sat Sep 1at Texas (67-95)L 4-7
Sun Sep 2at Texas (67-95)L 4-18
Mon Sep 3at (2) Houston (107-63)L 1-4
Tue Sep 4at (2) Houston (107-63)L 2-5
Wed Sep 5at (2) Houston (107-63)L 1-9
Fri Sep 7vs Kansas City (58-104)W 10-6
Sat Sep 8vs Kansas City (58-104)L 1-4
Sun Sep 9vs Kansas City (58-104)W 3-1
Mon Sep 10vs (3) NY Yankees (102-64)L 2-7
Tue Sep 11vs (3) NY Yankees (102-64)W 10-5
Wed Sep 12vs (3) NY Yankees (102-64)W 3-1
Thu Sep 13at Kansas City (58-104)L 4-6
Fri Sep 14at Kansas City (58-104)L 4-8
Sat Sep 15at Kansas City (58-104)L 3-10
Sun Sep 16at Kansas City (58-104)W 9-6
Mon Sep 17at Detroit (64-98)W 6-1
Tue Sep 18at Detroit (64-98)W 5-3
Wed Sep 19at Detroit (64-98)W 8-2
Fri Sep 21at (4) Oakland (97-66)L 6-7
Sat Sep 22at (4) Oakland (97-66)L 2-3
Sun Sep 23at (4) Oakland (97-66)W 5-1
Tue Sep 25vs Detroit (64-98)L 2-4
Wed Sep 26vs Detroit (64-98)W 11-4
Thu Sep 27vs Detroit (64-98)W 9-3
Fri Sep 28vs Chi White Sox (62-100)W 2-1
Fri Sep 28vs Chi White Sox (62-100)W 12-4
Sat Sep 29vs Chi White Sox (62-100)W 8-3
Sun Sep 30vs Chi White Sox (62-100)W 5-4

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